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Feedback and responses from some of our clients.

“Thank you so much for taking such a vested interest in the success of all us brokers throughout the industry! I can’t tell you enough how much appreciate all that you do for us! I went through two mentors before signing up with the Lions Share Group and they didn’t even come close to setting me up with the tools for success that you have. I was starting to think there was nobody out there that truly cared about new brokers coming into the industry. My business has grown SUBSTANTIALLY in the past year since I started taking your courses. I already have more deals on the go than I did my entire year last year… and we are only in February! And I’m really excited about growing my business with real estate investors… it is the reason why I became a broker in the first place! ”

- Shelley; Mortgage Broker, Vancouver (Purchased Managing Business Mega Bundle Package: MB101 & MB102)

“I am so excited to start implementing the Real Estate Investor Program. You made it so easy to understand and implement. My business in 2012 was up nearly 60% over 2011 and I credit that to the Lions Share systems. Last year was my first full year using these materials and I was not implementing all the great stuff that you have to offer! This year is off to a great start and I am excited to see where I end up.”

- Mortgage Broker, Vancouver


“Any mortgage agent considering Real Estate Investors Program as their niche will benefit from this program and content”

- Cassita, Mortgage Agent, Ontario


(Purchased Expert - Real Estate Investor Series Package)

“Just wanted to let you know I used the template for introducing myself to a new realtor on a deal and received awesome feedback…he said I was very professional and up to date and had been a pleasure to work with and I was now one of his top end brokers to refer to….so a big thank you…it works ”

- Kim, Alberta  (Purchased Building Business 102 - Real Estate Agents)

“Your programs are essential training for all mortgage agents after they get their license….Thank you for starting me off on the right foot.”

- Edith; New Mortgage Agent, Ontario (Purchased New - Mortgage Agent Starter Program)

“I am impressed with the content of your Mortgage Client Communication and your First Time Home Buyers program….these courses are terrific”

- Evan, Mortgage Broker, Saskatchewan (Purchased Manage and Expert First Time Home Buyers)

“The First Time Home Buyer Program is a Phenomenal program – so excited to get started and love all the lead generation ideas  that will set me apart”

- Anon, Manitoba

“This program is amazing, this should be a standard program for all agents who are serious about growing their business. Get out of your own way and start implementing effective systems and processes to put your business in high gear.”

- Brad, Mortgage Broker and Team Leader, Alberta (Purchased Managing Business 101 Package)

“As a result of this program, my income has doubled and my headaches have gone….thank you Claire.”

- John, Mortgage Agent, Ontario (Purchased Growing an Effective & Profitable Team)

“Get off the fence and sign up for these programs. I have to tell you that this is one of the best I’ve taken simply because you get everything handed to you. This system has allowed me to get organized and focus my attention on my clients and the activities that make me money. The volume I am closing next month is greater than I’ve done in 6 years in this business and I can contribute a portion of that success on the new systems I’ve implemented from the Lions Share Group. You have inspired me and given me a renewed focus. I now have the tools I need to take my business to any level I’m willing to work for”

- Margaret, Mortgage Broker, Ontario (Purchased Building Business 100 Series Mini Bundle: BB101 & BB102 and Managing Business Mega Bundle Package: MB 101 & MB 102

“Thank you so much for sharing with us your process on handling clients whose bank beat us. Your information is invaluable and can’t thank you enough!!!”

- Cecilia, Mortgage Broker, Ontario  (Purchased Build Mega Bundle)

Mortgage Training Centre

35 Main St. North | unit  32 | Waterdown ON | L0R 2H0


Mortgage Training Centre 35 Main St. North | unit 32 | Waterdown ON | L0R 2H0 1-866-726-5159
Mortgage Training Centre 35 Main St. North | unit 32 | Waterdown ON | L0R 2H0 1-866-726-5159
Mortgage Training Centre 35 Main St. North | unit 32 | Waterdown ON | L0R 2H0 1-866-726-5159