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Newly licensed or floundering? What's next? Learn laser focused strategies to accelerate your business to immediate success! One comprehensive and essential program that will propel your business into the fast lane now! Act Now!

Training Modules

A comprehensive set of training modules that will walk you through all elements of the program while providing invaluable information and insight and narrated by a top producing mortgage broker. Learn how to implement, use and maximize results with differentiating techniques.


Includes a set of templates, scripts and real tools to help you get started in your mortgage business. Point and Click easy to use soft copy templates to maximize your business growth and deliver value to your clients - no reinventing the wheel required - no technical experience required.


Valuable workbook that is a step by step guide to learning, understanding, and implementing the program content. A guide that will be used over and over again - while initially learning the program and then for future reference. Start to build your library of knowledge and experience.


Purchase today the Mortgage Agent Starter Program for only $399! A one off cost that will be priceless and paid for with your first funded mortgage and  more! Installment Plans available and even a credit provided when you purchase any of our Mega or Mini Bundle Programs.

Program Components

Lead Generation & Marketing

Proven marketing strategies to bring in referrals to your business without spending any money. Learn the fundamental strategies needed to develop new leads, referrals and business relationships to propel your business immediately?



  • Maximize the impact you have on others with creative and unique infomercials
  • Showcase your new business with confidence
  • Identify relevant networking opportunities
  • Learn how to make a great first impression and be a solution maker
  • Be memorable for endless referrals

Friends & Family

  • Maximize referrals and create raving fans
  • Launch a Friends and Family Program
  • Showcase your added value and educate
  • Scripts, templates, resources, social media content - marketing strategies that work
  • Create your own sales team without jeopardizing relationships

Add Value & Differentiate

Process and workflow using a clear communication strategy to leverage against your competition while not selling rate! How are you going to confidently differentiate your business from your competition, overcome client objections all while still learning the ropes?


Pre-Approve to Funding Clients

  • A turn-key solution that is a strong foundation and communication strategy
  • Full communicate process specifically for traditional purchase transactions – from pre-approval to funding to post closing
  • Process flow charts, templates and scripts to help you effectively and professionally showcase your added value, differentiate and create a wow factor – your clients won’t be able to tell how new you are!
  • Confidently communicate while ensuring you educate your clients on all aspects of the purchase process
  • Post-closing strategy to maintain and retain your clients for life.   Maximum referrals and a priceless database of clients

Underwrite & Fund

Essential underwriting techniques top producers use that will ensure fast efficient approvals and funding. Learn how to fund mortgages for traditional clients quickly and efficiently and not make mistakes.


Traditional Client Profile

  • Specifically for agents licensed less than 2 years or with less than 5 deals funded
  • Know what to ask your client and how to underwrite effectively the first time!
  • Take an application correctly with no back and forth between the client and lender
  • Vital secondary questions to underwrite accurately and provide the right mortgage that meets your client’s needs and actually funds
  • Underwriting Process Map for efficiency
  • Troubleshooting techniques that work!  Fund what you may think is unfundable
  • Don’t wing it and make expense mistakes that will impact you, your brand and your clients
  • Unique tools, scripts, calculators and templates that are priceless

Program Content

How does the Mortgage Agent Starter Program drive your business into the fast lane?

Ready to take your business to the next level? Our Building Business segment has more great strategies for building your business plan and developing tactics for growing your business and leads.


What's Next?

"this should be mandatory after the licensing course.. I can't believe how much I didn't know but do now.  I feel confident to hit the streets running and talk intelligently to potential new clients"

Mortgage Training Centre

35 Main St. North | unit  32 | Waterdown ON | L0R 2H0


Mortgage Training Centre 35 Main St. North | unit 32 | Waterdown ON | L0R 2H0 1-866-726-5159
Mortgage Training Centre 35 Main St. North | unit 32 | Waterdown ON | L0R 2H0 1-866-726-5159
Mortgage Training Centre 35 Main St. North | unit 32 | Waterdown ON | L0R 2H0 1-866-726-5159
Mortgage Training Centre 35 Main St. North | unit 32 | Waterdown ON | L0R 2H0 1-866-726-5159
Mortgage Training Centre 35 Main St. North | unit 32 | Waterdown ON | L0R 2H0 1-866-726-5159